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  The origin of Chihshang Rice

Talking about delicious rice, “Chihshang rice” will come to mind naturally. The rice with pleasant smell in the wooden meal box sold on the train in the past has become internationally famous food. In 1970s, Chihshang rice won itself a first place in a competition in Taichung Agricultural Improvement Station. Legend has it that Taitung is where Lu Tung-Pin practiced self-disciplines to become a celestial being in Penglai Paradise Island. The sea melts into the sky, as if an artificial paradise has been created. The green massif of the Hualien-Taitung Longitudinal Valley, the blue sky and green field, the criss-cross footpaths between fields and the thrilling atmosphere are all here. This is the original rice township and also the origin of Chihshang rice-Chihshang Township.

Back in the age of Japanese colonization, Chihshang rice was the tribute to offer to the Japanese Emperor, so it was called the “Tribute rice”. The world-famous “Chihshang meal box" exactly originated here. The ingredient which the meal box has advertised is exactly the Chihshang rice.

Chihshang Township is located in the purest and most natural area where rice is produced in the Hualien-Taitung Longitudinal Valley. It is also between the Central Range and Costal Range and on the valley plain of Hsinwulu River drainage basin with averagely the height of 300 meters above sea level. The soil in the paddy fields in Chihshang Township is rich with abundant organic minerals along with the rivers. There is even the only inland wetland in Taiwan, the Dapo Pool, to control the water level.

There are three reasons why Chihshang rice is so delicious:

Fine soil - the alluvial soils with heavy texture and organisms from the Coastal Range are used to create fine fields, which is the most suitable for growing rice.
Fine water - the irrigation source is from Hsinwulu River of the Central Range. The water is clean and filled with minerals.
Fine temperature - Chihshang Township is situation at the top of Hualien-Taitung Longitudinal Valley with the height of 260 meters above sea level. The temperature differences between day and night are great and there is plenty of sunshine.

Only with the above elements can the nationally famous, fragrant, deliciously chewy, sweet and extra quality CHIHSHANG RICE be produced.

”Chihshang Duoli Rice & Paddy Rice Professional Region” won the champions of the first National Quality Rice Competition in 2004 and the first National Organic Rice Evaluation in 2005 with its appearance as clear as crystal as well as its pleasant smell and deliciously chewy texture. Besides, it won the first place in two straight years in a broad survey of healthy brands conducted by the Common Health Magazine, representing the trust and love customers have in it.