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  Distinguish Chihshang Rice

90% of the rice labeled “Chihshang rice”...are not Chihshang rice from Taitung...

Please note that the rice labeled “Chihshang rice” in the market…are not all from Chishang Township in Taitung County. We believe that you know Chihshang rice is delicious. However, are you certain that what you buy is Chihshang rice? There are numerous fake ones in the market and it is difficult for consumers to tell the differences apart. Moreover, some are even recklessly marked the wrong place, which has gone too far!

The various kinds of plastic bags hung on the wall are all labeled “Chihshang rice” on the package. Nevertheless, when you take a care look, the origins vary despite the intentional use of “Chihshang rice”. In fact, all of them are counterfeit ones in the market.

Chihshang rice is internationally famous and has won quite a number of prizes. However, farmers are annoyed by the counterfeit rice introduced by dishonest businessmen. Its public reputation has even been tarnished. The Taiwan Rice King Chiu Chui-Chang who has just won the National Champion Rice Prize in 2004 also joined to complain.

Taiwanese adventurers are extremely cunning. They even make counterfeit rice and this harms those farmers serious about the brand. Now, only through the regulation and implementation of the geographical emblem registered in the Intellectual Property Office can the rights of Chihshang rice farmers be protected.

Really genuine Chihshang rice must be “from” Chihshang and...

Really genuine Chihshang rice needs the demonstration of the certified emblem "Chihshang rice®".

Do you know why certain rice can be called “Chihshang rice” but others cannot even when they are all from Chihshang? The reason is that apart from being grown in Chihshang, the really genuine Chihshang rice must also undergo the production control and quality certification. Therefore, rice from Chihshang are not necessarily equal to the “Chihshang rice”.

Only when the rice is “from Chihshang” as well as through the “pesticide safety test” and “production history record” can the certified emblem "Chihshang rice®" be stuck on!

The geographical emblem "Chihshang rice®" is the only registered one in the country, whose right of production is owned by Chihshang Township Office. When applying for the use of the emblem, please go to Chihshang Township Office and sign a contract so as to use the certified emblem "Chihshang rice®" in accordance with relevant regulations.

Note: The certified emblem "Chihshang rice®" must be stuck on the official rice bag authorized by the Chihshang Township Office to prove its genuineness.

There must be...on the package to prove its being the real Chihshang rice. Please carefully distinguish...

There are...on the package to prove its being the real Chihshang rice:

1. Emblem of the Pool & Source Progress Association and Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute of the Executive Yuan. (to demonstrate that the Chihshang rice is exactly from Chihshang and has passed the pesticide safety test.)
2. The certified emblem "Chihshang rice®"- it represents that “Chihshang rice” needs to be acquired through certification to be worth the name of “Chihshang rice” !
3. The certified emblem "Chihshang rice®" must be stuck on the official rice bag.
  * Therefore, please do not forget that real Chihshang rice must have either emblem of the both!
4. When delivering, there are the delivery order and carton packing (with telephone, address and others on it) from Chihshang Chien Hsing Rice Factory and Chih Shang Rice Co., Ltd. along with the delivery.

Chihshang Township Office:
Pool & Source Progress Association: