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How to make tasty, fragrant and deliciously chewy rice?

A. At first, select good rice:
The rice with good transparency, white center and belly, fine appearance, low protein, low amylose and a proper amount of water is worthy of the name of good one. If measured by a taste analyzer, it is absolutely fine rice as long as the taste value exceeds 74 points of the standard rice.
B. Wash rice:
Pour out the water with light and quick movements within two minutes. Repeat it twice or three times.
C. Add water:
The proportion of rice and water is 1 to 1.1 cupful of water for a cupful of rice. As for brown rice, it is 1.3 to 1.5 cupful of water for a cupful of rice.
D. Water quality must be good:
Use the water that has been taken care of like mineral water instead of tap water.
E. Soaking:
Soak white rice in the water for 30 minutes before cooking, one hour for brown rice and four hours for sticky rice.
F. Additives:
A bit of salad oil or salt or lemon juice can be added in when cooking to improve its chewing texture.
G. Leave the heat in the pot:
Leave the heat in the pot for 20 to 30 minutes when the rice is done before uncovering the lid.
H. Stir the rice thoroughly:
Stir the rice thoroughly after it is done to avoid having rice lumps.
I. Allow it to cool down:
If you have time, please remove the lid and lay a clean towel over the pot for 20 minutes for the purpose of absorbing the steam. Following the steam absorbing, the fragrant and deliciously chewy rice is finally done.

Rice preservation:
If the rice is to be left in the rice cooker, it is best not to exceed 10 hours.