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  History of rice factory

1. Company profile

  Chih Shang Rice Co., Ltd.
Unified Business No.: 80485033
Tel: +886-89-862033, +886-89-861033
Address: No.193-1, Jhongshan Rd., Chihshang Township, Taitung County 958, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2. Profile of the person in charge

  Chairman Liang Cheng-Hsien
  Experience Graduate in Mechanical Engineering in Tatung Institute of Technology
Awarded Top Ten Agricultural Experts in 2002
Obtaining Certificate from MOA International in 2001
Manager of Chihshang Chien Hsing Rice Milling Factory
Manager of Chih Shang Rice Co., Ltd.

3. History

  1940 - Founded Yung Nien Feng Rice Milling Factory (Chien Hsing Rice Milling Factory), managed by Mr. Liang Huo-Chao.
  1978 - Founded Chien Hsing Rice Milling Factory, managed by Mr. Liang Wan-Feng, the second generation.
  1986 - Chien Hsing Rice Milling Factory was managed by Mr. Liang Cheng-Hsien, the third generation.
  2001 - Collaborated with Wanan Community in Chihshang Township in establishing the Organic Rice Manufacturing & Marketing Team of Wanan Community.
  2002 - To counter fake Chihshang rice, consensus with Chihshang Farmers’ Association, Chen Xie He Rice Husking Factory, Chin He Rice Factory, Kuang Hsing Rice Factory and Jui Feng Rice Factory was achieved on using the “township emblem” of Chihshang Township Office as the emblem of certificate of origin of the Chihshang rice, establishing Chihshang Rice Joint Brand Association and launching the brand of Duoli Rice, headed by Mr. Liang Cheng-Hsien. This is the commencement of promoting the emblem of Chihshang Rice certification.
  2002 - Kuang San Sogo Department Store held the “Chihshang Champion Rice” & “Taiwanese Custom Pruducts Show” from 27th. Chihshang County Magistrate Li Yeh-Jung, Chief Officer of Chihshang Farmers’ Association Wu Ching-Chi, “Barefoot Rice King” Hsiao Huan-Tung who was rewarded Certificate of Merit in the Quality Rice Competition and freshly crowned “Hualien-Taitung Rice Queen” Chuang Lin Kuei-Mei unsealed the Chihshang Champion Rice of this year, signifying the opening of the show.
  2003 - Founded Chih Shang Rice Co., Ltd.
  2005 - Arranged and built company website of Chih Shang Rice Co., Ltd.
  2006 - Gained certification of ISO9001 quality management systems on Oct. 26th, 2006.