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  Elite team

1. Duoli Rice family

The “Rice Elite Team” is composed of elite farmers and it raises the quality of farmer’s cultivating skills and rice through constant education, training and studying and keeping cultivating records. That is why Chihshang can be awarded three titles of National Quality Rice Competition Champion in a row.

2. Organic Rice family

The area producing “Wanan Organic Rice” spreads on the fields on the both sides of the County Highway No. 197, taking up roughly 66 chia (around 64.02 hectares). The irrigation source comes from Wanan River on the east side and it forms an independent area for organic rice production. Farmers in this area adopt traditional way of farming. They go down to the farms and rub the weeds with own hands, apply organic fertilizers and quit applying chemical fertilizers and sprinkling chemical pesticides to grow genuine organic rice.

The organic rice in the Wanan Community is mainly grown in the Wanan River Alluvial Fan on the south of Wanan Village. Its east side sees the Fuhsing River Terrace and west side is to the dwelling places of Lungtsaiwei. Besides, on the south of it is today’s northern bank of Peinan River and a 20-meter-high terrace scarp links the Chinyuan River Terrace with the north of it. The fan slants towards the south-west and the vertical length is around 3 km and horizontal width is 2 km, making it a relatively bigger alluvial fan on the east side of Chihshang Township. Its top of the fan is situated in Weitso of the Wanan Village (approximately 290 meters in elevation). The fan develops along the two banks of Wanan River and the middle fan protrudes upward. It is a geographically complete and small-sized alluvial fan. The soil in this region has a strong cohesion and this region is renowned for producing quality rice.

Wanan River that irrigates organic rice is located between the pineapple orchard and Chihshang Silkworm Mulberry Leisure Farm and is the river that divides Chinyuan Village, Wanan Village and Fuhsing Village in Chihshang Township. Its source is on the south-west side of the 880-meter-high Fengming Mountain in the Coastal Range. The catchment area takes up merely 3.1 square km and the amount of its flowing water is not huge. Nevertheless, the river runs throughout the year without contamination. At Weitso, the clean water is directed into Wanan irrigation channel to irrigate the farms of the organic rice area in the alluvial fan.

Cultivating organic rice actually starts from the first period of rice harvest in 2001. Hsiao Huan-tung, a core farmer, beat other people to the trial growing of the organic rice in a field the size of 5.5 fen (roughly 0.55 hectare). In addition, he accepted the help of Liang Cheng-Hsien of Chihshang Tati Organic Agriculture Promotion & Service Center, adhered to the criteria of MOA International’s Natural Farming and used TK4 rice. Hsiao employed organic farming so the taste value of its organic rice is 81 points after evaluation. (PS: The taste value of the rice in Nigata in Japan is 83 points.) It is proved that there is no herbicide and pesticide in it. Quality organic rice, therefore, can be acquired through proper fertilization management.