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  The World of Rice

The trick of keeping rice tasty

When purchasing rice, please note that you buy a proper amount of rice. After the process of milling, the rice is best eaten up before one month has passed in summer and before two months so in spring, fall and winter. Detailed manufacturing date and expiry date are shown on the back of rice bags. Therefore, when purchasing, please roughly figure out the total consumption of your family and buy a proper amount of rice home. Then, preserve it as how and where it should be suitably preserved. Preserving the rice properly is the trick of keeping it tasty over a long period of time. In terms of the place for preservation, a cool spot at home is considered a perfect one. High temperature, dampness and direct sunlight should be avoided. With regard to the container, the interior of the container must be regularly mopped and kept dry in order to maintain the quality of rice and stay away from the harm caused by water content.

Please preserve the cooked but unfinished rice in the freezer so as to maintain the taste as well as it was just done. Before having it next time, please put it in a rice cooker in which a proper amount of water is added. If necessary, please defrost it in advance of the heating. By doing this, the initial taste of it can be preserved. Regarding the use of the rice cooker, please do not leave the rice in it over 10 hours to prevent the rice from having a poor chewing texture when being left warm in the rice cooker.

The trick of making delicious rice relies on the skill of washing rice

The way of washing rice is the key to tasty rice. People usually want to wash off the rice bran and impurities stuck on the surface of rice as much as possible. However, they are not aware that dry rice soaks up a large amount of water content very easily. As a result, the water content in the rice is overly saturated because of the usually excessive water and lengthy washing at the first washing, making the rice not so delicious. The correct way of washing rice is that only a proper amount of water is used when washing rice. Wash it quickly and drain off the remaining water rapidly. Repeat the procedures three to four times. By doing this, the rice can be thoroughly washed and this prevents the rice from absorbing excessive water content.

(1) Make good use of the measuring cup:
  Measuring a proper amount of rice accurately is the first step to make delicious rice. To avoid any error caused by naked-eye estimation, please use the measuring cup given when buying a rice cooker.
(2) Wash rice rapidly:
  Shrink the time spent on washing rice is the second step to a good result. Stir it rapidly for several times with a hand and drain off the water immediately. Repeat it twice or three times. For the last time of the washing, please drain off the water thoroughly to avoid excessive water content. The purpose of washing rice is to wash off the rice bran and impurities left on the surface of rice.
(3) Proportion of the amount of water:
  Adjusting the amount of water according to the level of freshness of the rice brings a better result. The amount of water for freshly reaped rice is 1:1 to 1:1.2. As for the older rice, the amount of water is 1:1.5. The amount of water can be increased or decreased according to each family’s preference to make softer or harder rice. (The harvest time of pack rice can be derived from the package.)
(4) Soaking:
  Before cooking, if you allow clean rice to absorb enough water, you can make swelling and soft rice. The length of soaking of rice in water hinges upon the water temperature. For instance, soaking time in summer is around thirty minutes. However, soaking time in winter should be extended to one hour due to its lower water temperature. If you want to shrink the soaking time, you may increase the water temperature to 40 to 50°C. The soaking time can therefore be reduced to 15 - 20 minutes. Additionally, most families now use electronic rice cookers but they rarely notice the preheating of the rice cooker. If the power of the rice cooker has been disconnected for three to four minutes and you wish to cook the rice right away, a little more amount of water must be added in to make the rice more delicious.
(5) Leave the heat in the rice cooker:
  The function of “leaving the heat in the cooker” cooker is a chief reason for making good rice. When using a common rice cooker without this function, please allow 10-15 minutes more to proceed with the heat-working-on- rice stage. This step is to make the water content of rice in the cooker the same. It allows the cooked rice to be more swelling and softer. Remember not to take the lid of the cooker away whilst “letting the heat work on rice” to prevent uneven heat the rice receives in the cooker. After the heat’s working on rice, please uncover the lid as fast as possible in order not to overdo.
(6) Stir the rice well:
  Remove the lid after the heat’s working on rice and well stir the rice with a rice spoon to allow excessive vapor to go away. The swelling, soft and deliciously chewy rice is finally done.