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  How organic rice is grown

Organic rice must be grown in a region qualified for the cultivation of quality rice with unpolluted soil and source in the same farmland. Moreover, the rice to be grown should be the one recommended by the improvement station without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growing regulators in course of the cultivation. Besides, the way of cultivating quality rice and keeping it dry and the separation of milling, preserving and packing from ordinary rice should be observed to obtain genuine organic rice.

Organic rice cultivation can help improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, safeguard water resources, protect environment, recycle the waste and cater for the need of public consumption. The significance of organic rice cultivation is therefore profound. It is hoped that through organic rice cultivation, the land we live can regain its life and the environment we grow up can reproduce its color. In daytime, there are butterflies and red dragonflies dancing in the sky. At night-time, there are fireflies moving with the wind and the croaking of frogs that accompanies us to the sweet dreams.

Besides the demand for no pesticide, organic rice uses quality rice as the cultivating option. Also, organic rice in the market is normally fresh, so it tastes absolutely great. Furthermore, organic rice exploits natural cultivation. The cooked rice, consequently, produces natural smell and allows you to feel natural after having it. Organic rice can be deemed as the most honorable rice.

Rice not only supplies us with the energy required for growing up, but also prevents us from the diseases caused by excessive intake of fat. What’s more, it is totally without pesticide and tastes fantastic. This creates business opportunity for the hard-working farmers to boost their profits. The biggest advantage of eating organic rice is to protect the living environment and increase the living standard by doing our own bits. One more portion you have means one more portion the farmers need to grow. As a result, an additional piece of clean land will be added.